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By filling in this yearly renewable form with my contact information, I wish to become a member of the IBISRING, till the end of 2019. My data will only be used for inventorisation.

My personal information can not be provided to a third party and my privacy is to be respected. One can only contact me about my birds through IBISRING.

Kept species

mature birdsborn in 2018 in my premises
01aThreskiornis aethiopicus aethiopicusIbis sacré
01bThreskiornis aethiopicus bernieriIbis à oeuil blue
02Threskiornis melanocephalusIbis à tête noire
03aThreskiornis moluccaIbis à cou noir
04Threskiornis spinicollisIbis Epineux
05Pseudibis papillosaIbis noir
08Geronticus eremitaIbis chauve
09Geronticus calvusIbis du Cap
13aBostrychia hagedasch hagedaschIbis hagedash
15Theristicus caerulescensIbis plombé
16aTheristicus caudatus caudatusIbis mandore
17aTheristicus melanopis melanopisIbis à face noire
21Eudocimus albusIbis blanc
22Eudocimus ruberIbis rouge
23Plegadis falcinellusIbis falcinelle
24Plegadis chihiIbis à face blanche
25Plegadis ridgwayiIbis de Ridgway
26bLophotibis cristata urschiIbis huppé (urschi)
27aPlatalea leucorodia leucorodiaSpatule blanche
29Platalea albaSpatule d'Afrique
32Platalea ajajaSpatule rosée

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