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We only accept adverts involving ibises and spoonbills, cranes, herons, storks en flamingos; in short all big, long legged birds. We only accept one species per advert, but you can send in multiple adverts if you want offer multiple species.

To react on an advert, you press the mail button and you contact the advertiser in person. We'd like to be informed when a transaction is completed, so we can remove the advert. When the email address of the advertiser isn't made public, your reaction arrives in our mailbox, and we will contact the advertiser. It's only normal that all birds are legal and have all necessary documents for them to be handled by this site.

We are by no means responsible for the transaction, nor for the condition of the birds, nor for any disputes that may arise.

If your data isn't correctly and truthfully filled in, we cannot put your advertisement on this site. You data will be handled in confidence.

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